Summer homework for incoming Year 10s

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Going to be in Year 10 in August?

Then this post is for you!

Your Tasks

  1. Write a letter to your new year 10 teacher.

    In year 10 you will possibly have a new teacher for the rest of your GCSE course. He, or she, is really looking forward to meeting you! To help them get to know you a little better, over the summer you should handwrite them an informal letter telling them a bit about yourself. This is the first piece of work your new teacher will see, so make a good impression and put in your best efforts!

    Tips and advice can be found HERE and on SMHW

    Due: Your first English lesson after the summer.

    2. We’d like you to purchase a copy of The Sign of Four.

Our Advice

  • Because we appreciate that the GCSE years can prove costly for parents/carers, we recommend that you use Amazon to purchase The Sign of Four. Editions of the text can be purchased for less than £2, just search for the ISBN: 1840224118.

If you have any trouble purchasing a copy, you can contact Mr Smith by email over the holiday:

Enjoy the break!

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