Exam Dates

GCSE English Language (Year 11)

Unit 1 – Explorations in creative reading and writing – Tuesday 2nd June (AM)

Unit 2 – Writers’ viewpoints and perspectives – Friday 5th June (AM)

GCSE English Literature (Year 11)

Unit 1 – Shakespeare and the 19th-century novel – Wednesday 13th May (AM)

Unit 2 – Modern texts and poetry – Thursday 21st May (AM)

A Level English Language (Year 13)

Paper 1: Language, the individual and society – Monday 18th May (AM)

Paper 2: Language diversity and change – Tuesday 2nd June (AM)

A Level English Literature (Year 13)

Paper 1: Literary genres: Aspects of tragedy – Thursday 21st May (AM)

Paper 2: Texts in shared contexts – Monday 1st June (PM)