Category: Word of the Week

Word of the Week: Ubiquitous

Pronounced you-bick-wit-ous, this is an adjective used to describe something or someone that appears to be everywhere.

For example:

Benedict Cumberbatch is ubiquitous at the moment.

The noun form is ubiquity.

See if you can find a use for it in your English lessons!

Word of the Week: Mischievous

Most people think the word above is pronounced miss-cheev-ee-ous, or miss-cheev-ous. Wrong. And annoying.

Mischievous should be pronounced miss-chiv-ous. It’s an adjective to describe someone or something designed to cause trouble.

For example

Mrs Greaves had a mischievous streak and enjoyed deliberately marking students late for mentor time even if they were there bang the bell.

Why not try using it in your writing or when talking to others? Providing you pronounce it correctly, of course!

Word of the Week: Recalcitrant

Recalcitrant is an adjective – pronounced ‘re-cal-si-trunt’ – that is used to describe someone being stubborn or uncooperative, particularly toward someone with authority.

For example:

Mrs Spowage got annoyed with her recalcitrant Year 11s.

See if you can slip it into conversation over the holiday!