Quick Reads


Want to become a better writer? You need to read more.

We’ll be keeping this Quick Reads page regularly updated with quality pieces of fiction and non-fiction that you can read in a few minutes.

Let us know if you have any suggestions for things we can include by tweeting us (@englishatlc) or emailing Mr Shovlin on s.shovlin@lutterworthcollege.com.



Caitlin Moran – We Should Ban Homework

Sali Hughes – Amber Heard, and the grotesque disparity in how men and women are treated in cases of domestic violence

Frankie Boyle – on Jeremy Hunt

Sam Harris – What is a lie

Stuart Heritage – Surely, finally, this is the end for The X Factor

Caitlin Moran – My father raised eight children on benefits, and didn’t kill any of us

Grace Dent – Farewell to the glamorous life of the social smoker

Bill Bryson – How to have fun at home

Duncan Barkes – We Don’t Talk Anymore

Douglas Murray – On Forgiveness*

Bill Bryson – Rule 1 – Follow all rules

James O’Brien – When is an immigrant not an immigrant

David Mitchell – On Poppies*

Christopher Hitchens – The New Commandments

James O’Brien – Taking the biscuit

Randall Munroe – Relativistic Baseball

Randall Munroe – Periodic Wall of Elements

Jon Richardson – Introduction to It’s Not Me, It’s You*

Caitlin Moran – The Real Purpose of Starbucks*

Oliver Kamm – Introduction to Accidence Will Happen

Dan Ariely – Why We Don’t Believe What Marketers Tell Us

For more examples of excellent non-fiction writing, check out Geoff Barton’s blog here.


Becky Albertalli – Opening of Simon vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda*

Mark Haddon – Opening of A Spot of Bother

Alexander Masters – Opening of Stuart – A Life Backwards*

Patrick Ness – Opening of The Knife of Never Letting Go

*Not suitable for younger readers.