Christmas 50: Year 12 English Language

Year 12 Language students: here’s what you need to be doing over the holidays to complete the Language allocation of your ‘Christmas 50’…

All work needs to be brought to your first lesson back.

1. Make sure you have detailed notes on every term covered in the Grammar Glossary. If there’s anything you’re unsure about, you can tweet us (@englishatlc).

2. When you’ve done that, have a go at The Grammar Megatest if you’ve not done so already. (Make sure you input your email address very carefully, as the test will email you your results. These should be printed and placed in your folders.)

3. Using the language scrapbook you compiled over the summer holiday, create a visual analysis similar to the one below.

Exemplar Analysis - Hot Chocolate Rubbish.png

You should place your text in the middle of a larger page (preferably A3), and annotate around the edge. Imagine you’re answering the question, How does this text use language to achieve its aims?

If you’re struggling for a suitable text to use, have a go with the Bin Bag Notice we found on the stairwell of an apartment block in Leicester city centre.

4. Listen to the CLA-themed audio files below, and make detailed notes on each.

5. Using your AQA textbooks, make detailed notes on pages 17-22, and complete the activities you encounter along the way. These notes will need to be handed in during your first lesson back.


6. Enjoy the rest of your Christmas break!

If you have any questions/queries, get in touch by email or on Twitter (@englishatlc).

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