Revising the love and relationships poetry cluster?


You may see the above images in your English classrooms next week. We’ve covered all 15 poems in the cluster, and have picked what we think are perhaps the defining quotes from each.

See if you can score full marks on our simple revision test here.

Of course, you’ll be needing to know more than one quote per poem for the exam – and so you may find our Quizlet revision set helpful. It contains 70 key quotes from across all of the poems, and you can download the set to your phone if you install the free Quizlet app.

You’ll also find PowerPoints and worksheets for all of the poems in our GCSE revision folder. (If you don’t know the password, email or tweet Mr Shovlin!) In there, you’ll also find a guide about the best way to approach an exam question, along with some exemplar answers to show you how it’s done.

We also recommend subscribing to Mr Bruff on YouTube. He’s done videos for all of the poems in the cluster, which are all in the playlist you’ll find below.

And don’t forget your CGP revision guides too. If you haven’t yet got one, you can buy them from the library for just £3. Treat yourself!

Good luck!





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