A Level English Language: Summer Work for Incoming Year 13

Studying A Level Language in Year 13 next year? Here’s your summer transition work:

1. Make sure you have a copy of the AQA English Language Student Book and the Revision Workbook.

We will be making regular use of both in class next year, and you will be expected to bring them with you to every lesson.

The texbook is available on Amazon here, and the workbook is here.

2. Create a language timeline.

Using the video below, we’d like you to create a language timeline.



You can find an exemplar timeline below that will give you an idea of what we’re after.


3. Watch this Intelligence Squared debate and make notes on the arguments presented by both sides. At the end of the debate, decide whether you’d vote for or against the motion, and explain your decision in 200-300 words in a comment on this post.




And that’s that!

You need to bring all of your work, completed, to your first lesson back after the break.

If you’ve any questions over the summer, email Mr Shovlin: s.shovlin@lutterworthcollege.com.

Enjoy the holiday!



  1. Jamie Rolison

    Before viewing the debate, I was strongly against the motion as I believed that language was not ‘going to the dogs’ in which I still think now. Both sides of the debate included plentiful, valid arguments which were more than plausible and agreeable. However, I stand mainly on the side of descriptivism rather than prescriptivism since we should all know that language is forever changing and developing which I personally do not see as a positive or negative adaptation. I believe language should be able to evolve just as anything else does in the universe. Yes, standard English is important to live a good quality life, to be able to be successful in a job interview senario in which I agree and say it is valuable, especially to communicate with anyone, although I think that we should not be afraid of language change as it is simply just progressing as it has done ever since words had been created. In many ways, reasons to suggest why language is changing so quickly is down to technological advancements such as the many people that social media hits out to. Giants like Twitter and Facebook must be pointed the finger at as they allow any user to right whatever they want whether it is adequate to fit ‘standard english’. In conclusion, language is something that will change no matter how many people stand against it in which I strongly believe we should all just accept.


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