Shakespeare and poetry controlled assessment intervention

On Tuesday 15th and Wednesday 16th December, we’ll be running two days of off-timetable intervention for students who failed to complete the CA on Shakespeare/poetry last year, or who missed their target by 2 grades or more.

Your English teacher will let you know if you’re on the list, and will give you a letter to show your parents/carers. It’s critical that you attend both days and arrive on time.

You should come to L1A at the start of the day on Tuesday 15th, where Mr Shovlin and Mrs Dalby will be working with you to ensure the CA is completed to the best possible standard.

Prior to the intervention days, you should make sure you’re familiar with the story of Romeo and Juliet.

Here’s the most recent film adaptation:

If you’re shorter on time, you can watch the animated version below. (It’s not going to give anyone at Disney sleepless nights.)

If you have any questions about the assessment, see Mr Shovlin in L1A. (Alternatively, click on the Contact your teachers tab at the top of this page for his email address/Twitter username.)

We look forward to seeing you on Tuesday 15th!




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