Year 11 revision resources

I have been busy putting together revision resources for year 11 to aid their independent study. I have created a timetable for each week up to the examinations. There is a separate timetable for Language and one for literature. The resources are also included and include a full paper 1 and paper 2 for English language which you have not used before. Happy revising!

Paper 1 PPE feedback

In your lessons you have gone through each paper in detail. You should have identified your WWW and your EBI. Your teacher has also identified key skills you need to work on. Here on the PowerPoint you can see example answers of some of the questions. You can also see what the feedback was to all students. Spend some time re reading the areas which need improvement.

PPE feedback lesson 1

Year 11 had their results today. This is the first time they have taken both papers to know what their overall achievement in all of these areas is. In lessons they have reflected on these papers and completed a visual representation of their progress. This allows students to see immediately where their areas for development are across the 5 questions on each paper. All students have been given individualised targets on 2 reading question and the writing questions on both papers.

Moving on, students know exactly what they need to do to improve their skills. This will in turn, improve their grades. Students have identified their next steps and now need to take ownership of these and start to improve those skills.

Are you ready for a promotion?

Grammar Police Link

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Good luck!