Year 13 English Language: Retaking your AS coursework?

If you are a Year 13 Language student retaking your ENGB2 coursework, here’s how the process is going to work:

Step 1

Come to the after school session on Tuesday 15th March from 4.00pm to 7.00pm with a copy of your coursework (printed and available electronically – e.g. attached to an email) and make decisions about how much change your folder from last year requires. (You won’t necessarily need to stay until 7pm, but we’ll be here until then to help out.)

Step 2

Attend a pre-arranged appointment with your teacher and bring your first draft to be discussed. (If you are assigned to work with Mrs Spowage or Miss Carr, these appointments will take place during the day on Thursday 7th April. If you are being supervised by Mr Shovlin, your appointment will take place on Friday 8th April.)

Step 3

Submit your new coursework folder on 20th April for final assessment.

Any questions?

Speak to your Language teacher!

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