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Paper 1 PPE feedback

In your lessons you have gone through each paper in detail. You should have identified your WWW and your EBI. Your teacher has also identified key skills you need to work on. Here on the PowerPoint you can see example answers of some of the questions. You can also see what the feedback was to all students. Spend some time re reading the areas which need improvement.

Are you ready for a promotion?

Grammar Police Link

The promotions test will be open until the 7th February. Score full marks on your first attempt and you’ll automatically be accepted into our privileged ranks.

You don’t already need to have joined the Grammar Police to take part!

Good luck!

And the latest issue of Sapere Aude is here!

Sapere Aude Cover

And the December issue of our student-run magazine Sapere Aude is here!

It’s our biggest issue yet, with 26 pages of articles, pictures and poetry.

A huge thank you to Mrs Bennett, Editor in Chief, for coordinating an outstanding team of students, including: Eleanor Pilkington, Oliver Woolley, Heather Elliot, Lucy McDonagh, Jamie Sanderson, Jacob Grage, Billy Watson, Molly McDermott, Freya Buckley and Albert Keller.

If you’ve any suggestions for future issues, ping Mrs Bennett an email (

You can read the issue here:

Sapere Aude – December 2019