A Team

Before you can join the English A Team, you need to get a parent/carer to complete the consent form here.

You can find resources used in A Team sessions here.


Below you’ll find the calendar of A Team sessions for GCSE students.

Remember that you need to sign up for each session you wish to attend. Sign up sheets will be up outside the English staff room in L block two weeks before each session.

Date Time Session Title/Details Location
Thursday 27th October 3.25pm – 4.15pm People Is Stupid

Why do people believe in things that aren’t true? How do our brains fool us into thinking and behaving irrationally? In this session, Mr Shovlin explores the various ways in which human beings demonstrate their remarkable capacity to be stupid.

Thursday 17th November 3.30pm – 4.30pm The Death of the Author

Who is in charge of the meaning of a text? The French literary theorist Roland Barthes wrote, ‘The birth of the reader must be at the cost of the death of the author’. In this session, Miss Marvin explores what he meant. Is the meaning of a text in the words on the page? Is it in the mind of the author? Is it in the mind of the reader? Is it somewhere else, like the mind of your teacher?

Tuesday 6th December 3.25pm – 4.15pm Saving Mrs Birling

In Year 10 or Year 11? Studying An Inspector Calls? Want to strengthen your arguments for your forthcoming assessments? More importantly: want to know why Mr Shovlin thinks Mrs Birling is the character we should feel most sympathy for? Then this session is the one for you! We’ll be exploring alternative interpretations of Priestley’s play, giving you some ideas to help you secure the highest possible marks in your tests.

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Thursday 19th January 3.30pm – 4.30pm The Gothic: The Monster Within

From wild and remote landscapes to vulnerable heroines; from violent and erotic fantasies to supernatural and uncanny happenings…

In this session, Miss Carr will explore the Gothic: what it is, why it’s so popular, and how it can help you towards top marks in your The Sign of Four exam!

Thursday 17th March 3.20pm – 4.20pm Hoodies, Louts and Scum

More than half of the stories about teenage boys in newspapers in the past year were about crime. The word most commonly used to describe them was yobs (591 times) – followed by thugs (254 times), sick (119 times) and feral (96 times). The best chance a teenager had of receiving sympathetic coverage was if they died.

In this session, Mr Ford will give a brief history of teenagers, explain why they’re portrayed in the way that they are, and why things aren’t going to change.